Is black an important colour for what it represents, or what it hides?

Some people say that black is no colour, while others say that it is all colours in one.

Black – whatever it is – absorbs all shades perfectly and becomes the darkest shade that a human mind can conceive. It is what the eye sees when no other colour can reach it. But if each colour has a meaning, what does black stand for? Today we have come to associate it with elegance and sophistication, as a colour that is always fashionable, but in different times, black has symbolized an entire range of things: from something serious, like moral authority and nobility, to something sinister, like chaos and the occult.

Clearly then, black does not stand for one single concept, but it is always enigmatic. We need to look closer to see whether the shadows of black contain a secret meaning – or whether we need to look beyond the black to see what is being hidden.

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